Self Direction Personal Protection Equipment Form

This form is for DSS Program Participants who Self-Direct Supports and Services under
Community First Choice, Acquired Brain Injury, or Homecare Program for Elders

Please complete this form to request immediate and urgent PPE needs to support individuals and protect staff due to COVID19.
*Requests will be fulfilled according to priority and are based on the PPE supplies available to the department. Individuals requesting PPE must self-direct their supports. (Please contact your Case Manager should you need assistance submitting this form.)

Note: * indicates required fields.

1. Program Participant Supported by DSS
First Name
Last Name*
2. Employer of Record (EOR) (EOR is the Program Participant or someone the Program Participant asks to act on their behalf to hire staff and sign timesheets.
First Name
Last Name*
3. EOR Contact email address*
4. EOR Contact 24-hour phone number*
5.Address of person receiving supports where supplies will be used by staff
Zip Code*
6.DSS Case Manager's name (if known)
First Name
Last Name
7.DSS Case management agency *

8. If you receive medical procedures that make tiny drops of saliva, like open suction, nebulizer, BIPAP or CPAP treatments and your employees help you with this, they may need a different type of PPE. These treatments can put coronavirus in the air, putting your PCA at more risk of getting coronavirus from you if you have it. Please indicate if you are receiving any of the aerosol treatments described above that will require your PCA to use an N95 respirator mask or appropriate substitute. *

If yes, please indicate who helps you with this medical procedure. For example, if you do it yourself, answer ‘self’. If an unpaid family member helps you, answer ‘family’. If you pay someone to help you, answer by providing the name of the employee, even if the employee is a family member.
9. Is there a person diagnosed as COVID-19 + or under investigation for COVID-19+ in the home? *

10. Please select the preferred glove size in the drop down below.* Note: If the preferred glove size is not available, requests will be filled with the closest possible alternative size.
11. Self Directed staff (PCAs) How many PCAs provide support in your home over the course of a week?
12. I certify that the PPE supplies requested will be used solely by the PCA staff providing the support. * Note:you must select Yes to have the request considered for fulfillment.

13. I certify that I am the Employer of Record/Sponsoring Person, and currently hire and manage my own staff through my DSS Individualized budget or their designee who has been given permission to fill out this form on their behalf. *

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